Company / History

Boulder Ice Cream started making ice cream in 1992 on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. The homemade, all natural ice cream became popular almost overnight and on weekends, there was often a 20 minute wait just to get in the door.

In 1997, Boulder Ice Cream lost its lease on the famous mall, but found a new home near 28th and Canyon. Shortly after the move, the company started producing ice cream for local restaurants and grocery stores.

Whole Foods Market was the first store to ask for the Boulder Ice Cream pints on the shelves in their new Boulder store. So, in February 1998, the first Boulder Ice Cream pints appeared on grocery shelves in Whole Foods Market, Ideal Market and Leever’s Market. Shortly thereafter, the super-creamy ice cream was found in King Soopers, Albertson’s and Wild Oats Markets! Today, Boulder Ice Cream is available in grocery stores in 9 states in the Western and Southwestern US.